Pat McDonnell Paints are Proud Sponsors of DesignPop

The goal of Design POP is to cement Cork city as the Irish epicentre for innovation and creativity. It seeks to create an atmosphere of ambition, innovation and realisation in Cork.

From May 17th to May 19th 2019 design joined with food for an unforgettable three days of Design POP. We’d like to congratulate all our designers, food producers, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, food market vendors, volunteers and the organisers on a very successful and pioneering event. Pat McDonnell Paints are proud to say that we added a little colour to all of this activity by sponsoring paint for a number of the pavilions and venues around the city from Emmet Place to Elizabeth Fort and many more in between.

If you weren’t able to make it to DesignPop this year here is all you need to know about the festival.

Design POP embraced the natural beauty and unique character of the selected locations around Cork city. By using public spaces, it created local engagement through the interactive pavilions and installations. These installations will linked up to create a brand new food and design trail around the city.

Six designers were selected in 2018 to design an installation structure for each of the six different locations. These six designers then joined forces with six Cork based food and drink producers to create a bespoke space that supports the ethos of each brand in a highly designed structure.

The weekend’s events program furthermore gave artists, creatives, food stylists, producers, designers and makers a platform to discuss and showcase their work processes. These events happened all over the city both within the designed structures and in amazing spaces around Cork city that already champion design and education.

Make sure you keep an eye out for it in future. We are sure that this is only the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the culture of design in Cork City.