Introducing Ralston’s Aqua 3-in-1 Satin

We are delighted to announce the arrival of a NEW Ralston product in Pat McDonnell Paints stores Nationwide. Introducing Ralston’s Aqua 3-in-1 Satin, a 1-pot wonder for your outdoor projects. Available in any colour, it is the perfect product to brighten up your new, or not so new, shed or log cabin!

What makes Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin product so exciting? 

Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin is a primer and top coat in 1-pot. As a fast-drying, water-dilutable, opaque staining satin paint it has high moisture regulation, high elasticity and good durability. This makes it especially good for use on new wood but similarly good on prepared pre-painted wood. As a water-based 1-pot product it is also kinder to the environment. 

With a Damp Open System Aqua 3-in-1 Satin is a moisture permeable paint that allows water vapor to travel between the substrate and the air. This is particularly good news for new builds, as they contain a high level of moisture. Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin will allow the moisture leave the building materials and help to prevent wood rot, mould or damage to the paint that would normally cause it to blister and peel. 

Where can it be used? 

It can be used as an undercoat, intermediate coat and top coat (1-pot system) for external use. Especially suitable for rough woodwork requiring moisture regulation. Can be applied over existing paint after thoroughly cleaning and sanding the surface. 

Use on exterior:
o Window frames
o Wood panelling
o Sheds & Cabins

We recommend:

For new, untreated, exterior wood 
- First clean, degrease & sand the area
- Then prime with Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin 
- Pre-finish with Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin                                                                                                                          - Finish with a final coat of Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin

For previously treated or painted, exterior wood
- First, remove unsound paint coats
- Clean / degrease & sand / rub down gloss thoroughly
- Prime bear patches with Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin
- Pre-finish patches or entire surface with Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin
- Finish with Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin


We do NOT recommend Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin for use for indoor wooden window, kitchens, doors.  Aqua 3-in-1 Satin is not hand grease resistant – these areas should be painted with a Closed Paint System.

Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin is also unsuitable for metal, picnic tables or benches. 

Ralston Aqua 3-in-1 Satin is available for purchase in Pat McDonnell Paints stores nationwide and via our online Shop.


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