Free Colour Consultancy Service

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Need some free colour advice?


Colour matters. We know that decorating your home or business can become overwhelming at times and with so many choices in colours, brands and finishes, it can be daunting! We’re here to help which is why we’d like to offer you a Free In-store Colour Consultation.  #WeCareMore

Request an appointment with one of our In-store Colour Consultants

Our colour consultancy service is Free although a fully-refundable deposit applies. All of our colour consultants are qualified interior designers, so you can be assured of creative and professional advice to help you.

They will help you choose the perfect paint colours and the right paint finishes, wallpapers and accessories for your dream project! There is never a paint project that is too small or too big. Whatever you need, we are here to provide stylish options!

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Get Free Interior Design Advice from Our Colour Consultants

Our colour consultants will discuss your plans, your favourite colours and ideas for your project. With their help you’ll achieve the right solution for your home from professional staff in a relaxed and informal setting. We’ll provide the coffee! Remember to bring photos, sample swatches and/or inspirational pictures to your appointment so that you get the very best advice from our colour consultant.

Following the consultation, you will receive a written record of the colour consultation meeting with details of ideas and a paint specification giving you details of the recommended colours, finishes and quantities, along with wallpaper designs, if required. To get to know our colour consultants more and see some of their advice and tips be sure to visit our blog.

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