New 5ltr. Size Aqua All-Primer

Following from our recent announcement of the price reduction of Base Transparent Colours (Deep colours) in Ralston emulsions, we now wish to inform you of another change that will occur in the range.

As you know, the Ralston All Primer is far more than just a traditional water based undercoat.  As well as the usual wood & trim that nearly all water based undercoats can be applied to, the Ralston All Primer can also be applied to synthetics (such as PVC), fibreglass, ceramic tiles etc.

Ralston All Primer is now available in a 5 ltr. 

Selling at the same price as similar products we will however have a special introductory offer for you.  For each 5 ltr purchased by you during the month of October, we will credit your account with €10.00 + VAT in early November.

Paint Happy – with Pat McDonnells & Ralston!

Ralston All Primer is available for purchase in Pat McDonnell Paints stores nationwide and via our online Shop. Why not place your order today?