Blog How do I paint my PVC windows a different colour?

How do I paint my PVC windows a different colour?

We recently bought a house and we don’t like the exterior dark brown PVC windows, is it possible to paint them white?

Yes, it is possible to change the colour of your PVC windows. I would recommend following the steps below in order to achieve the best results. 


You Will Need: 


  • Deltec Gold Masking Tape 1.5” (if required)
  • Harper & Green Floor Protector
  • Fluxaf UPVC Cleaner & Restorer
  • A fine-grade sponge sander
  • Wooster Brushes, Corona or Wooster 4” Sleeves
  • A high-quality primary coat primer e.g. Ralston Aqua All-Primer
  • A satin or high gloss trim finish  e.g. Ralston Aqua Satin or Ralston High Gloss


How to Paint PVC Windows: A Step-By-Step Guide


  1. Cover all ground areas with dust sheets and tape where they’re needed
  2. Clean and degrease the PVC windows with Fluxaf Cleaner
  3. Lightly sand the area with a fine-grade sponge sander & dust down all window surfaces
  4. Apply two coats of Ralston All-Primer and leave windows to dry overnight
  5. Apply two coats – we recommend either Ralston Aqua Satin or Ralston High Gloss in whatever colour you wish – and leave the windows dry overnight
  6. Open the windows for a couple of hours each day for a few days so the paint on the PVC windows can thoroughly harden.


The paints and products you need to complete this project are available for purchase in Pat McDonnell Paints stores nationwide and via our online Shop.


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