Leave a long lasting impression with Ralston Aqua All-Primer

For the best results when painting on wood, metal, aluminium, plastic, stone, indoors or outdoors, a high-quality primer or undercoat is indispensable. 

If you need a primer that is suitable for use on a vast number of different surfaces, choose the new and improved Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIOseries, professional painters' go-to primer for a smooth application, nice flow and excellent adhesion & coverage. 

With Ralston’s sustainable primer you always make a conscious choice. Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIOseries is based on renewable raw materials. It not only offers the best results but with more than 3 times as many biobased raw materials it is also better for the environment. Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIOseries proves that top quality and sustainability go hand in hand. 

Ralston's BIO series contains raw materials that:

  • Can grow back within the lifetime of the paint
  • Are extracted from inexhaustible sources
  • Are produced responsibly
  • Are not detrimental to the food chain

Ralston Aqua All-Primer BIOseries is not only greener and better than all other traditional primers but also available in almost any colour and is available for purchase in Pat McDonnell Paints stores nationwide and via our online Shop.

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