How To Prep Line Your Wall for Wallpapering

So you've bought your wallpaper but what do you do next? It can be daunting knowing where to start but we have an easy step by step guide for you!! 

Materials Required:

  • Wallpaper & lining paste: Solvite All purpose ready mix paste coverage 1kg per roll
  • Lining paper Grade 1200: Coverage 10m  Length x 52cm Width per roll
  • Equipment Required:
  • Pasting / Papering  Table
  • Papering Scissors
  • Papering Brush
  • Harper and Green 3” Classic Brush
  • Harper and Green ½ “ Classic Brush
  • Decorators Sponge
  • 2ft – 3ft  spirit level
  • Pencil (not a pen)

Preparation & Application:

  1. Cut the lining paper into strips which measure the length of the wall plus about 75mm (3″) for excess.
  2. With the spirit level mark a horizontal pencil line along the wall about 1″ below the forthcoming first length. Paste the first length and concertina fold it.
  3. After a few minutes soakage, working from one corner, gradually open up the folds and smooth the paper down, eliminating air and creases as you go until the other corner is reached, making sure the paper is hung parallel to the pencil line.
  4. Successive lengths should be butt jointed (leaving just the slightest  gap between the edges), working from ceiling to skirting, clean off any excess paste with a damp sponge.