Supporting the work of Visual artist, Deirdre Breen.

We are delighted to support the work of Visual artist, Deirdre Breen, on this beautiful new mural at Cork Printmakers, Wandesford Quay, Cork. 

The three-storey tall design at Wandesford Quay was co-commissioned by Backwater Artists Group, Cork Printmakers and the Lavit Gallery as part of Cork City Council’s Placemaking initiative.

The brief was to create a site specific mural which communicates the activity that takes place at this site on Wandesford Quay. The abstract, playful compositions of this mural references both the history of the building and the current use as a creative complex. The building has been a continuous site of production, having been a priory, a mill, a printers and more recently a creative complex.

The architecture of the building, as well the surface material informed the graphic repetition of this art piece. The repetitive pattern creates an optical illusion through the interrelationship of the shapes and colours reflecting the character of the site as a place of continuous production. The wall, as such becomes more than a background, it is transformed into a piece of visual performance capturing the rhythm of movement in the nearby river.

This artwork highlights how colour is more than a medium of design. It can communicate a wealth of history, culture and activity. In this cause the colours are drawn from the Virgin Mary Blue of the windows which was specified by the architects when they were restoring the space to it's current usage now. The red of this mural draws out the colour of the red sandstone walls.

Wandesford Quay Mural