How to Paint Your Ceiling

When painting your ceiling(s) remember to choose a paint finish based on the function of the room you’re painting. 

What you will need

  • A step ladder
  • Filler
  • Roller tray
  • Paint roller
  • Extension pole
  • Emulsion brushes
  • Cutting in brushes
  • Low tack Masking tape
  • Sand paper
  • Ceiling paint

Step by Step

  1. Clean the ceiling
  2. Remove lamp shades
  3. Fill in holes and cracks
  4. Leave to dry  
  5. Mask the fixtures
  6. Open the colour of your choice and start painting around fixtures first then around the ceiling line
  7. Now it’s time to paint large areas (use roller and protective goggles)
  8. Start in the corner by the window
  9. Once dry remove tape and that’s it, you're done!!

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