Ask the Experts How to Transform your Kitchen Table


How to Transform your Kitchen Table

I have a table I would like to paint white or white wash to match our kitchen. What would you recommend to offer the best results?

Step 1: Preparation

If your table has been previously sanded or varnished, it must be sanded back before your transformation can begin. Use a 120 grade sandpaper and remove all traces of sanding dust before continuing. 


Step 2: Application

If you are painting the table white 

Prime your table with a water-based primer such as Ralston Aqua All-Primer. If there are knots in the wood that you wish to cover, we recommend Ray's Primer which is excellent at spot covering knots and stains. 


Allow to dry and follow this with 1-2 topcoats of Ralston. Choose a Matt, Satin, Eggshell or Gloss finish depending on your desired result. 



If you are using a white wash

If you would like a White Washed finish, we recommend Osmo Polyx Oil. This will let the grain of the wood show through. This product can be tinted to your desired shade of white in order to complete your transformation. 


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