How to Prepare Your Walls before Wallpapering

How to Prepare Your Walls before Wallpapering

When it comes to wallpapering, preparation is key. Before you even consider wallpapering, you need to factor in a lot of elements. Our short guide below will walk you through how to best prepare your wall before wallpapering.

Before you begin

  1. Clear the room of any furniture, furnishings, etc. 
  2. Cover up any existing flooring with dust sheets to protect them.


How to Prepare Previously Wallpapered Walls for Wallpapering

  1. Strip down - strip off any old wallpaper and ensure the walls are smooth and dry.
  2. Dry off - if using a steam stripper leave your walls to dry off for a few hours.
  3. Create a clean slate - fill in any cracks and holes. Make sure walls and filler are completely dry before wallpapering
  4. Smooth out - when dry, sand the filler so you are left with a smooth, bump-free surface. Make sure any other debris such as dust, paper scraps from your old wallpaper or excessive adhesives are cleaned off your walls to prevent bumps underneath the surface of the paper. 


How to Prepare Previously Painted Walls for Wallpapering

  1. Clean off - wallpaper paste needs to partially soak into your walls in order to properly adhere. If there is grease or another impermeable substance on your walls, this will need to be properly cleaned off before you begin. 
  2. Sand Down - sand down any existing paintwork to create a rough surface for the adhesive to stick to. 
  3. Follow steps three and four above to create a clean, smooth surface. 


How to Prepare Freshly Plastered Walls for Wallpapering

  1. Walls that are freshly plastered will need to be primed so that the new wallpaper will bond to the walls. For the best results prime your walls by brushing them with watered-down wallpaper paste all over the walls.
  2. Leave them to dry.


Top Tip:
We recommend that you complete all of your paint projects before you start wallpapering, such as painting the door frames, skirting boards or dado rails.


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