The new Festool PLANEX LHS 2 long-reach sander

Lights on. Perfect walls and ceilings. The new Festool PLANEX LHS 2 long-reach sander. 

Ready for some good news? From October 2020, Festool is releasing a newly developed long-reach sander onto the market. 

The new PLANEX long-reach sander is set to revolutionise the sanding of walls and ceilings. The LED light ring surround highlights unevenness when sanding, thereby preventing the need for costly reworking. The laborious installation and transportation of light sources is therefore also no longer necessary. The eccentric sanding motion ensures a premium surface quality – without any sanding marks.

The result: Outstanding surface quality – with no costly rework. And work gets even easier: Take the load off your arms and back with the adjustable suction power. Comfortable handling for sanding without fatigue – even during lengthy tasks.

The new PLANEX will be available from Pat McDonnell Paints stores nationwide from October. Taking pre-orders now!!