Make your future Sustainable!

Allow your imagination to create the perfect setting for you and your family. Explore a new world of colour with the 'your style' collection from Ralston. Add colour to future generations with our bio-based wall paints. BIOseries NEXT-GEN. Powered by Nature. 

Ralston is an independent family run company in The Netherlands who have been mastering the art of paint making since 1916 combining timeless craftsmanship with new technologies.

The Ralston BIOseries is a new range of wall paints that’s even more sustainable. These Next-Gen Biobased emulsions are based on a fully renewable sustainably extracted organic binding agent. Ralston’s Biobased paints offer not only the best result, but also a Big Win for the environment.

The big win for the environment is that Ralston extract value from residual waste flows of 2nd generation biomass. A clear oil is extracted from the residual biomass of olives and sunflower. A blending of the most favourable properties of these oils provides the basis for Ralston's innovative paint technology. A technology that has produced a 96% renewable binding agent with no claim on arable land for growing food for man and animal. The second-generation biomass is obtained from organic material grown in Europe.

The clear oil blend obtained in the process not only provides a renewable resource but also lends the BIOseries its superior colour strength and colour fastness.

The use of bio-based technologies, striving for sustainable innovations in raw materials, extending life cycles of paint products, reducing waste, water usage and CO2 emissions are all essential elements at Ralston Colour & Coatings. 

Ralston Biobased Paint

Pat McDonnell customers have clearly become more conscious of the need to protect not just their homes, but also the environment for future generations. This is reflected by their questions regarding levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and sustainability in the manufacture of paint. They do not however, want to compromise on the quality of paint to be used in their homes.

Sustainable paints are the new norm. Next-Gen Biobased paints are the future. Available in Pat McDonnell Paints stores nationwide today. 

Ralston Bioseries

The quality of these paints, whether it’s their interior or exterior paints, is like nothing we have ever seen before. They are also fantastic paints for using on wood, plastic, metal and masonry. Take a look below for some Ralston colour inspiration. 

Ralston's wide range of colours and products are available for purchase in Pat McDonnell Paints stores nationwide and via our online Shop.


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