Armstead Trade Anti-slip Floor Paint

Pat McDonnell Paints has added a new floor paint to our product range, Armstead Trade Anti-slip Floor Paint.

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Armstead Trade Anti-slip Floor Paint is a professional quality, ready mixed anti-slip floor coating that provides a consistent textured finish. This anti-slip floor paint is suitable for both interior and exterior use on concrete, wood and metal surfaces – it is particularly suited for access ramps, staircases and walkways.

  • Textured Protective Floor Finish
  • Anti-slip
  • Suitable for Interior & Exterior Use
  • Ideal for Ramps, Staircases & Walkways
  • Available in 5 Colours: Grey, Red, Green, Yellow, Black

SITUATION Interior & Exterior

Average drying times (condition dependent)
Touch Dry in 1 hour
Recoat in 6 hours (light traffic)
24 hours (moderate) or 48 hrs heavy use