Introducing Ray’s Shellac-Base Primer

Made for the Trade by the Trade

An elite product made from the highest grade of dewaxed shallac. It is a primer, sealer, stain killer. Ideal for interior use as well as a spot priming exterior substrate.  

Available at Pat McDonnell Paints Stores Nationwide

At Pat McDonnell Paints, we have been proud to introduce new products to the Irish market which have unique benefits for you, the decorator.  The introduction of a zero emission Bio based emulsion from Ralston for the more environmentally focussed customer, the highest quality French filler in Prestonett to name a couple.

Now we are delighted to be able to introduce a product made right here in Ireland.  RAYS PRIMER is the brain child of Donnelly Manufacturing.  Donnelly’s have been involved in the use and the manufacture of French Polish for generations.  Their knowledge of shellac and shellac based products is second to none.  Of course we recognise that there are many other shellac based primers on the market.  Having tested all of these against RAYS PRIMER, we believe that RAYS PRIMER actually outperforms them all in terms of:

  • Higher pigment and shellac content than others – guaranteeing better coverage
  • Excellent blocking & sealing properties: Odours/Stains/Graffiti/Knots
  • Excellent adhesion to difficult substrate
  • Fast-drying – Recoats in 45 minutes – more working time than others
  • Blocks stubborn and persistent stains. Including smoke stains and odours caused by fires

What Our Customer’s Say about Ray’s Primer

Before and After – Ray’s Primer

A customer recently took a wardrobe down from one of his kids bedrooms only to find the area covered in a dry mould. He came to us looking for advice. He was told to clean down the area as best he could, to apply Ray’s Shellac Primer and then repaint. We’re sure you’ll agree the result was amazing. The customer was very happy with the outcome.

Available in 500ml, 1 Litre, 2.5 Litre and 5 Litre Cans