Exterior Colour Schemes for 2016

image 3

‘’Mulberry Magic’’ main

This year’s trends will include plenty of earthy hues on exterior walls. Green and grey colours will be introduced in favour of the traditional beiges, creams and yellows. Taupes and minks have been replaced by elegant blue-greys.

image 4

image 5

70YY56/053 main, 90Y 28/ 067 trim

Exterior colour schemes are dictated by surrounding areas. Town colour schemes can be more adventurous. Bold colours suit the street look and add to a lively town atmosphere.

image 6

‘’Pumpkin’’ main, ‘’Jewett White’’ trim, ‘’Bold Bolectian’’ pub front, ‘’0578’’ windows, pub trim.

A wine red and stone grey combination form a sophisticated exterior scheme suited to a town area. Grey continues to be the most popular neutral. There are an endless amount of shades of grey to choose from starting with the more subtle shades up to your charcoals.

image 7

‘’Baked Plum’’ main, ‘’0548‘’ trim

Rural areas tend to be suited better by rich colours to complement the beautiful Irish landscape. Off-whites and creams can fade into the background and become inconspicuous.

image 8

‘’Farmhouse Ochre’’ main, ‘’0011’’ trim.

Darker colours are gaining popularity as we are getting braver and more adventurous in our choices. Deep earthy colours work particularly well on bungalows. Darkened earth hues work particularly well on bungalows. Mustard warms up the stone and gives a uniformed feeling.

image 9

‘’0893’’ main, ‘’0888’’ trim.

Red-base browns, pinks and plums complement mountain areas. As they blend with the landscape more naturally. Dusky pinks give an elegant feel combined with off-white shutters. Red flowers add a pinch of spice to the overall exterior scheme.

image 10

‘’0133’’ main, ‘’0004’’ trim, ‘’1299’’ front door

image 11

‘’Setting Plaster no.231’’ main, ‘’0011’’ trim

Blues and blue-greys form an elegant colour scheme that can be used in a variety of locations. Blue-grey main colour tends to work better with wood colour window frames.

image 12

‘’0491’’ main, ‘’0030’’ trim

Burnt orange can be used to highlight a stone feature on masonry surfaces. It also makes the building appear richer and softens the charcoal grey roof slate.

image 13

‘’0256’’ main, ‘’0253’’ trim

Rich grey purples connect well with the grey Irish sky. This exuberant hue is also a trend colour for this year. Grey-purple on exterior walls appears glamorous. It is great with black or dark grey windows.

Rich colours can be used on commercial premises to help them stand out from surrounding businesses.

image 14

‘’Dining Room Red’’ main, ‘’Pebble Beach’’ trim

Deep earthy green makes the take-away appear more apealing. While bright purple generates a statement in a street scheme.

image 15

                                 ‘’0402 Sabo Garden’’ main,‘’Bantry Linen’’ trim


Lively yellow attracts the eye, especially if the building is shielded by trees.

image 16 After

image 17 before

‘’RAL 1021’’ main,‘’RAL 1015’’ trim


Colourful holiday homes complement the bustling Killarney town environment. Earthy blue-grey brings balance to the overall scheme.

image 18

‘’Farmhouse Ochre’’ 1st building, ‘’0581’’2nd building, ‘’0787’’ 3rd building

Traditional Exterior Colours

Traditional colours such as browns, creams and yellows are taking a step back. They are the classic hues that are suited best to more conventional taste. They appear easy on the eye without seeking any attention.

Classic taupe hue is brought to life with red accent colour.

image 19

‘’0184’’ main, ‘’French White’’ trim, ‘’Dining Room Red’’ lettering

Stone brown works well with the red brick. Different colour boundary wall enhances the building.

image 20

‘’Taupe’’ main, ‘’French White’’ trim, ‘’0318’’ boundary wall

Traditional ochre hue suits authentic buildings and brings out its character.

image 21

‘’Ochre wash’’ main, ‘’Bantry Linen’’ windows.