Top Tips for Choosing a colour scheme - Pat McDonnell PaintsWhen it comes to colour schemes, some of us know exactly what we want. However many of us home decor enthusiasts would welcome some guidance from a decorating professional to help make a final, informed decision. Here are our five top tips for getting your decor project started!

1. Start with the neutrals

To begin, it’s helpful to look at the five key neutral groups. Once you have identified a colour scheme that you like the feel of, you’ll be able to see the best colour options based on the undertones within them.

2. Create feature walls that work

For some, the decision to have a feature wall can be a bold one. Despite peoples’ trepidation, there are ways to blend feature walls seamlessly into a room. Ensure that your chosen wallpaper is in the same colour family as the paint. This makes it easy to use wallpaper in a colour scheme and allows for a seamless connection between painted and wallpapered surfaces.

Colour Schemes: Interiors Pat McDonnell Paints

3. Understand the space

Naturally, the eye is drawn to contrasts. So if you’re looking to make a long, narrow room feel wider, painting the shorter end walls in a darker colour will give the impression of a wider room. Painting small, dark rooms all white to make them appear bigger just does not work. Using colour makes the room a cosy, more interesting space.

4. Ceilings don’t have to be white

By using one colour throughout a room, it makes it difficult to notice where the walls end and the ceiling begins. If your room has no coving or cornice, using the same colour on both walls and ceiling can help you deliver a rich, restful atmosphere. It’s also a great way to hide a issues such as uneven plaster, irregular angled ceiling, etc.

5. Look beyond the walls

At Pat McDonnell Paints, we find some of our clients can be hesitant to go ahead with their decorating because they’re concerned their ideal colour palette won’t work with existing furniture, whether it’s wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, etc. By painting your existing furniture in a complementary colour, you can create your dream space. Each of our stores have a huge range of durable paint finishes to suit interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces so you can up cycle your existing furniture and accessories.

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