Decking, Get Ready For Summer!

Summer is officially in full swing now, we have had some glorious weather lately and it’s got us thinking of our gardens. If you are thinking about building some decking in your garden, or you have decking already but want to spruce it up then this blog is for you.

To start, think about the kind of decking you want. A self-draining deck is preferred, as it’ll require less maintenance in the long run. And we all know how much rain we endure throughout the year! Most people choose pre-treated wood for their decking because technically you don’t have to varnish or stain it however, care and maintenance is always recommended to avoid any damage and discolouring from weather conditions.

If you already have decking and want to know how to care for it our Assistant Manager in our new Limerick store Michael has some top tips when it comes to keeping your decking looking its best;

“At Pat McDonnell Paints we have Decking Rescue Paint from Ronseal. If your decking is in very bad condition you just paint it on, it’s like a solid colour. Decking timber is pressure treated when it is made, and you could leave it untreated but it’s better to treat it to prolong and protect it and keep the colour.”

Available in 2L + 25% €40.49, 2.5L €41.99 and 5L €62.99.

Michael recently spoke on Limericks Live 95FM about decking, painting outdoors, and colour trends. To listen and find out more click here. Aidan McDonnell, Director and Branch Manager of Pat McDonnell Paints, gives us his recommendations when it comes to decking;

“I would highly recommend the following products to use, due to their durability and hardwearing in Irish weather”

1. Sikkens HLS

Available in 8 colours – Pine, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Teak, Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut and Ebony. These are all available in 1L €22.99. 2.5L €39.99 and 5L €65.99.

2. Textrol Oil

Available in clear and 2 colours – Rustic Oak and Golden Oak available in 5L €93.99

3. Ronseal Decking Stain

Available in 6 colours – Pine, Medium Oak, Rich Teak, Dark Oak, Country Oak and Cedar. These are available in 5L 59.99.

For prep and cleaning of decking before painting Aidan recommends Farbex Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 5L €17.99, and a Deck Scrub Brush.

Need help choosing a colour? Grey is moving from indoors to the outdoors and is proving to be a very popular colour for decking this year. Try Slate in Ronseal Decking Rescue Paint.

All products mentioned in this post are available in all Pat McDonnell Paints stores. If you have any questions about this blog post please comment below or contact us

For more decking inspiration check out our Pinterest board here.