Preparation for Your Colour Consultation Appointment

Colour is a magical tool that enhances mood and reflects character. At our colour consultations, our colour consultants can help you create your perfect living space. Every interior and building has a different story. In order to establish the best colour scheme for your space, visuals of the project are vital.

To ensure that you get the most out of your colour consultation, it’s helpful to have the following:

  1. Photographs that take in the light, space and style of the space.
  2. Plans and photos of exterior that take in the architecture of the space.
  3. Photos and/or videos of the surrounding areas. For indoors this includes adjoining or nearby rooms. For outdoor spaces this includes the garden, drive, other houses in the area etc.
  4. Samples of fabrics or material swatches from furniture, accessories in the existing space.
  5. Inspirational photos that show your dream look, whether it’s from Instagram, Pinterest or any other inspo platform!

How to take photos?

To get the perfect shot, shoot from a low position towards the corner of the room. You are trying to capture the feel of your space, an overview shot of the room is always best, especially if you can get above eye level to shoot. When your camera sits lower than eye level, your photos will look more like those you see in magazines. Look through interior magazines, websites and Pinterest and you’ll see that the corner of the room is the best place to shoot towards. In art, this is called the ‘frog perspective’ in art.


What is the best lighting condition?

The best light to use is indirect natural light. Choose time of a day when your room is bathed in light such as early morning or early evening. This is when the sun casts a warm glow into your room. Flashes can wash out the colour of your couch/walls/rug and make the room look much different than it actually does in real life.

Which exterior shots are the best?

When shooting outdoors, shoot from a low position toward the building. Take photos from a distance in order to capture surrounding ground, area, drive way, garden. This is necessary as location dictates the colours.

In general, town colour schemes can be more adventurous. Bold colours suit the street look and add to a lively town atmosphere. For more about colour, check out our blog.

What format to bring in photos?

Bring your photos in on a digital camera (no SD cards), smart phone or USB key. Alternatively, pictures can be emailed to our store prior to a consultation. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Joy: A Colour Consultant @ Pat McDonnell Paints Centre Park Road Cork