Painting in an Irish Summer

Its April. The grass is green and the wildlife is coming out of its slumber.
As we hopefully say goodbye to the winter weather and embrace the coming months, many will look to make changes with the forthcoming season. A good old fashioned spring clean is typical for many households at this time of year. With the opportunity to get ones abode in refreshing condition, many readers will consider revamping their homes in many different departments to correlate with the hopefully rising temperatures.  Some of you may be considering getting new furniture, while others might be looking to an overdue kitchen appliance. However for many of you, the upcoming months represent a great opportunity to give a facelift to your walls, particularly on the exterior. Our question to you is what would suit you best for the coming summer?


With Ireland being such a wet and mild climate at the best of times, there is often no chance to give the exterior a new coat of paint. As we know only too well, the recent winter of 2015/2016 was particularly wet and miserable. Doing anything on the exterior was extremely difficult. However, under the assumption that we won’t get a complete washout (fingers crossed!), this summer provides a great chance to give your outside walls a revamp. With low humidity, there is no dampness which leads the paint to dry far better than in wet conditions. As the Bank holiday weekends and summer holidays loom closer, it may be just the perfect time for you to get what you need and decorate externally. Here at Pat McDonnell Paints, we have everything necessary for you to tackle the job at hand. With free in shop and online advice, we are more than happy to give you all the necessary information tailored to your individual needs.

Irish Summer

In terms of the interior, you can get painting straight away! There may be many different factors for you to consider in your choice of interior design, whether that be the colour of paint or the type of wallpaper. However we are thrilled to assist you in finding the best option available. If you would like to ask us a question, then please do. In the meantime, let us hope that the upcoming summer will provide endless opportunities for you to get out and paint your walls!