How To Paint A PVC Door

I have a white P.V.C door at home and was wondering is it possible to paint it black? Daniel, Galway

Hi Daniel,
Yes. you can paint your P.V.C Door and here is what I recommend:

  1. Make sure your door is fully clean and dry before painting (Clean with Original Krud Kutter)
  2. Apply a coat of Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer 1-2-3.
  3. Wait until primer is fully dry (60 – 90 Min).
  4. Apply a coat of ether Farbex Undercoat in Dark Grey or Dulux Undercoat Black (leave dry overnight).
  5. Finish with a coat of ether Farbex Gloss Black or Dulux Gloss Black.

Always make sure you use  good quality Brushes and Rollers to get the best finish. I always recommend Wooster or Corona they have a fantastic range for both the professional trades person to the keen D.I.Yer and to suit every ones budget.

How to Paint A PVC Door: Pat McDonnell Paints