What To Do With Your Leftover Tester Pots

Make the most of every last drop with these clever and creative paint projects!

DIY Wall

#1 Create Some Artwork

Buy an artist’s canvas from a craft shop and use the testers create some modern art. Alternatively, use some masking tape and make a grid. Paint the squares in different colours and remove the tape to reveal a beautiful white grid. You will then have a wonderful painting to tone in with whatever room you choose. If you have the space, why not use a wall as your canvas and create some distinctive artwork the whole family can enjoy.

#2 Chairs

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ll know that dip dyed furniture is super trendy. This technique transforms any dated household piece into something exclusive, giving it a modern and contemporary look. Dip dying or partially painting your chairs with your leftover paint pots will add colour to any living space. Just one tester pot will allow you to paint a number of chairs. To find out how to paint your chairs, check out this video by Dulux here.

DIY Chairs

DIY Wooden Spoons

Image via Etsy

#3 Utensils

Dip dying and painting utensils is a simple, inexpensive way to give them an updated look. Create bold and dramatic patterns for an on-trend look – by colour dipping your spoons and chopsticks, you’ll instantly spice up your cutlery drawer. These beauties will brighten up your kitchen – they’ll make you want to host dinner parties all year round! Coordinate the colours with the rest of your kitchen or be adventurous and use clashing colours. All you will need is sticky tape and your tester pot!

#4 Flower Pots

Although terracotta pots are durable and inexpensive, they all look the same. With a little bit of paint and creativity, you can give your pots a brand new look. Not only are you adding colour to your garden, your plants will never look better! If your pot is old and used, soak the pot in warm water and then scrub it thoroughly. If the pot is very dirty, add a small amount of bleach into the warm water. Once you’ve rinsed the pot, allow it to dry fully before applying paint.

Tester Paint Pot Project: Flower Pots

Image via Cool Crafts

Flower Vases Paint Tester Pots Projects

#5 Vases

There are tons of great ways to embellish, update or remodel your recyclables to turn them into gorgeous flower vases. For a fresh look, gently dip the bottom of your vase into paint. To get a smooth line, slowly twist the vase as you’re dipping. If you want a more precise line, tape off your vase and apply your paint with a paint brush.

#6 Baskets

Turn your rustic basket into a modern carryall with a fresh lick of paint. Pour your tester pot into a large container and simply dip your beloved basket into the paint. As you dip, the paint will push up the sides of the basket. As soon as you have reached the preferred line, gently pull your basket out of paint.

Tester Paint Pot Projects Basket

#7 Mirrors

Mirrors are beautiful accessories to any home.  They can work with any kind of decor whether it’s rustic or modern. However, mirrors can be expensive.  By painting a mirror frame with some leftover paint, you are transforming a mundane mirror into a distinct, unique one. Upcycling a mirror can lift any room, this multicoloured mirror is a beautiful example of this.

Want to get creative in the garden? Take a look at this post from the Loyal Gardener 10 Original Gardening Pots For A Creative Potted Garden for some fabulous inspiration. Perfect for Summer!

Call into one of our stores today to pick up some tester pots. For more ideas on how you can use your tester pots, check out our Pinterest board.  Which of these projects will you be trying? Let us know in the comment section below!