How To Paint Your Front Door

A lot of our customers at Pat McDonnell Paints have been taking advantage of the incredible weather we’ve been having lately and doing some DIY to the exterior of their homes. One of the most popular questions we are getting in store is;

 “How do I paint my front door?”

In this blog we will give you our expert advice on how best to do this, whether you have a PVC door or a solid wood door.

Before you start make sure there are no peeling pieces on the door. Scrape off, and sand down. The door should be clean, dry and dust free. You can always dust it with a brush or damp sponge beforehand. To avoid drips you can take the door off and lay if flat on the ground.

Choosing the right colour is important. If you are not sure what colour to go for, make an appointment with one of our Colour Consultants in your nearest Pat McDonnell Paints store and they can help you.

PVC Door

Step 1: Degrease using Fluxaf’s Powerclean

Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Zinsser 1.2.3 Water Based Primer

Satin Finish: Use 2 coats of either Dulux Exterior Water Based Satin or Colourtrend’s Water Based Satin in your preferred colour

Gloss Finish: Use 1 coat of oil based undercoat followed by 1 coat of oil based gloss in preferred colour

Solid Door (Teak or Mahogany)

Step 1: Degrease using Fluxaf’s Powerclean

Step 2: Sand with 120 grade paper

Step 3: Prime with Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based Primer

Satin and Gloss finishes same as PVC door.

Top Tip

Wait for each step to dry before going on to the next one for the best results. It’s best to start a job like this in the morning to give yourself the time needed and out of direct sunlight to avoid the paint drying before you get to properly brush it on.

Recommended Tools

Wooster Brushes, Corona or Wooster 4” Sleeves

Deltec Gold Masking Tape 1.5” (if required)

Harper & Green Floor Protector

Osmo Wood Filler for solid door (if required)

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