How To Paint Your Ceilings

Need advice on how to paint your ceilings? Whether you want to paint your ceilings with a roller or brush, you need to follow our steps below to ensure for a perfect paint job!

How To Paint Your Ceiling - Pat McDonnell Paints Have Some Ceiling Painting Tips For You

  1. First make sure you can reach the area you are painting safely.
  2. Cover up or remove light fittings and cover the floors.
  3. Use an extension handle fitted to a roller.
  4. Begin painting the ceiling in broad strips, starting in the corner near a window where most light comes in.
  5. Paint the edges as you go with a small paint brush.
  6. Paint away from the light and always apply one strip next to the other in order to keep a wet edge.
  7. Paint ceiling roses and coving after the ceiling has been painted.
  8. Make sure you wait a minimum of 2 hours before painting a second coat, and remember to allow the second coat to dry completely.

Check out this Youtube video to see the ceiling painting steps in action!

For some ceiling inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest board that features some beautiful and unique painted ceiling designs. Do you have any questions about how you can paint your ceiling? Ask us in the comment section below.