How do I remove Mould?

I seem to have mould and some mildew  around my window in my Bedroom and in the corner of my ceiling , how do i remove this and how do i stop this from happening again?

Hi Cora,
Thanks for your email, I would start by cleaning and killing the mould and Mildew with Mould and Mildew cleaner by Fluxaf. I would highly recommend using this as most mould cleaners will only clean the surface and not kill the mould growth. Then I would use a product called Perma White made by Zinsser. This product is available in a matt and a Satin Finish. Is available in white but can be mixed into a light or med shade colour.

Perma white is suitable as a topcoat and contains a biocide that prevents further growth of mould and mildew spurs.  It’s a water based product, so it’s also low odour and washable. Its touch-dry after 30 min, and recoatable after 2 hours.