Edge the door open and remove locks and handles. Leave the door frame until last as splashes of paint that get on the frame will be covered later.

Flush Door

  • Paint from the top down in vertical strokes about two foot at a time.
  • Join each section with light brush strokes and cross brush to even out the paint.
  • When a section is painted lightly brush down over the area in order to keep a wet edge for the next strip to blend into.

Panelled Doors

  • Panelled doors must be painted in sections.
  • Panels and mouldings should be painted first followed by the remainder of the door.
  • Use a smaller paint brush for the mouldings.
  • Do not over load the paint brush when painting as this will cause runs and drips to form.
  • For glass panelled doors use a paint shield or masking tape to keep paint off the glass.
  • If paint gets on the glass remove immediately with white spirits.
  • Apply square sections of Paint working down from the top.
  • Pick up wet edges for a good blend.
  • Lay off with light vertical brush strokes.