– the first one of many. I will be talking about colour, giving up dates about the latest trends and general colour advice. I hope that you will find it useful and informative.

Changing colour trends in interiors and fashion have always been my favourite news. There are all sorts of articles available on the internet, the more you search the more interesting stuff you’ll find.

For the past ten years, cream and brown combinations with splahes of gold and variations of those hues have been all the rage and have stolen the show. There is no better colour scheme to express elegance, wealth, luxury, satisfaction, dependability.. which was this era all about. People craved for opulence, posh interiors, the bigger and brighter the better. Leading celebrity British interior desigener, Kelly Hoppen was one of the advocates for neutral colour schemes, dating from early 2000s, and many other designers followed her lead.

If you look at any Irish Interior Magazine the majority of pages are of cream interiors. Brown stands for dependabilty, wholesomeness but is also considered a boring colour at the same time. Cream is sophisticated, pure and calm. But if you were to listen to trend forecasts for the up coming seasons, well then yes, cream is so last year. It is all about you, your likes and dislikes, reflecting your personality. It is about living at home not in a prim and proper show house, where you have to mind where you walk and sit. It is about well thought comfort, living at your home the way you like and let your surroundings tell a story about you.

A new decade brings back colour, individuality and reinvention of craftsmanship. People are tired of doom and gloom, they want to move on and leave the past behind. Not being financially as well off as before has created a need for creativity and learning some of the tricks of trade. That old dining room table might get a new look by sanding, painting the legs and countertop. Whereas before it would have gone out the door no questions asked. Earthy blues and greens, combined with off-whites and greys for that new icy elegance. Green is the colour for new beginnings and stability, blue being good for anti-stress and calmness combined with white which stands for goodness and cleanliness.

Try Keystone from Colortrend Historic on the tabletop and Ivory White by Dulux on the legs of table. 0441 for exterior of the house with Sugar Dust on reveals and plinth. Front door could be Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball. Tans and camels, but add splashes of red-orange or purple to create an ultra luxurious feel. Only Yesterday by Colortrend or Cat’s Paw no.40 for walls and True Ginger from Dulux Simply Colour range perhaps for dressing room table or chair or mirror for splash of vitality, happiness. Accents of purple, rose pink, for a more romantic feel and to celebrate feminty. Cushions, candles, rugs, blankets..   All things girly and retro. Red-orange not terracotta, but think of slightly burnt warm orange hue. What about Pumpkin in Old Historic by Colortrend for downstairs bathroom? A little bit wild hue at a first glance, but you are only in and out, nobody lives in their WC…

Go deeper in colour, for instance 0211 or Middle Dove by Simply Colour. If you are really brave try them on  your kitchen units. This whole uniformed look that everything has to be the same and well coordinated is soo last year.  Experiment to let your home reflect your personality. Luckily, paint is not like you are putting down a marble floor. Easy to paint over. Another good colour for kitchen units is Lamp Room Gray no. 88 by Farrow and Ball and you could paint the insides of the presses in Brinjal no.222 for a sense of wealth. Gray is considered to be stylish, serious and intelligent. Anyhthing works with it.

Clever place to explore with adventorous colours is behind the couch. Because when you are sitting down colour is behind you and will not distract. This way you are also giving a fresh lift to the furniture. Sometimes having a chimney breast painted may look as if the colour is falling on top of you or may make the mantel piece seem cluttered. Unless you have a fairly wide one. Check out Simply Colour by Dulux, exclusive designer paint without the price tag or Colortrend New Historic, Irish owned so you’ll be supporting the economy and of course the paint’s world Christian Dior- Farrow and Ball.

Another way of updating your look without any major house surgery is to wrap your house in wallpaper, especially metallic for glamour. Sanderson Vintage book and Carlisle have nice papers. Gold was more known during boom years, symbolizing highest achievments and the finest we have to offer. Look out for new metallic bronze, to give it a new sense of luxury. Do bring out all your copper pots, cushions, curtains. Or simply get a can of copper paint and use it on the backs of an old bookshelf that needs updating. Voila! Cutting edge once again! Instead of wallpapering one wall use it on two walls that are side by side. Inside of presses, even hot press to add character. Why not just to use one roll horizontally across the wall instead of wallpapering the whole wall. More cost effective yes but more unique at the same time.

For the die-hard lovers  of all things coloured in cream, all is not lost. Just add purple, a lick of paint for example Grafton Port in Colortrend or 1127 and accessorise with bronze elements. There you go ultra luxurious. And it is not going to cost as much as bang on trend animal hide rugs. Cream works well with any  colour really it will be a great idea to use wallpaper for a bit of warmth and texture, to give a lift.

It is all about mixing and spicing things up. Forget about coordination and matching but blend it, to get that timeless feel. Look out for natural fabrics like linen and cotton. Carpet colour to keep in mind is grey, but a warm earthy one like donkey-hide colour. You can’t beat wooden flooring to give an elegant feel to the place, parquet for example. It’s not about changing everything again, but just bringing colour back into our lives. Colour rocks!

I hope that you are excited to decorate your surroundings! Of course, please feel free to contact myself or any of other expert instore designers at any one of the Pat McDonnells stores. Planning your colour schemes while abroad? Well, one of the best things in 21st Century is technology, so please drop me an e-mail…

Happy New Decade,

Kadri Bormeister
In-store Designer