Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan with Dulux Ireland “TIME IS NOW”

 Another new trend direction was our ever precious time. Nowadays the art of conversation is declining. Sometimes we forget that as we get too comfortable with everyday duties reality drifts away. It is time to unwind in order to stay tuned with life. Balance ensures we are staying grounded while focusing on a golden road.

Culture, heritage and understated elegance are the key words here. This movement is enunciated into our surroundings by soft background music. Be it a deep breath, the feeling of arrival, taking shoes off and breathing or some other personal ritual that sets the mind and helps to focus on present engagements.

Plenty of wallcoverings with discreet patterns, intricate paint finishes and complex details on furniture. Prime example of this is Bussandri. This was an exhibition stand at Salone del Mobile Milan, well worth seeing and exploring.

Bussandri stand gave a feeling that you could read Pushkin, Shakespeare or listen to classic music while having a glass of cognac and admire paintings on the walls. Developed taste a restful atmosphere and décor details from gone by eras. Fragments of Art Deco style were represented, eclectic particulars and over size mirrors.

Textured wallcoverings, rose gold, copper and dark flooring, voila here comes an understated luxury. “Time is Now” trend promoted muted colours and gloss surfaces on furniture. Paints that have got similar chromatic values and a decent lighting plan.

Light has a huge impact on colour, naturally without light there is no colour. Turns out we can help colour blind people sense colour as David Eagleman’s latest research suggests. Melina Light, Deligthfull, Elledue, La Ebanisteria are a few firms to mention for a lighting inspiration.

This theme inspires us to try out new routes in our decorating style. If we all travelled the same road it would get worn, claustrophobic and too fragile to get out. How to create a “Time is Now” feeling is individual. It could be just one area in a house, men’s and lady’s rooms are taking a full swing. Home comforts and reenergizes us, helping to stay a true participant of fabric of life.


Kadri Bormeister

Colour Consultant, Tralee Branch,



‘’50YY 42/490’’


‘’92BB 07/350’’


‘’Mid Chai’’



“Subtle Muslin”



‘’50YR 26/023’’


“Pure Patina”


‘’90BB 19/165’’