Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan with Dulux Ireland “CITY MAKE UP”

City living was introduced into every aspect of interiors by wallpaper murals, drawings and paintings of cities. Graffiti and free hand scribbles being the most popular features.

Is it to remind us not to forget the handwriting? Or is it to enhance the beauty of free flowing scrawl? Some quotes were more difficult to read than others. Perhaps they were meant to be an abstract illustration on the walls to complement the city themed wallpapers.

Companies such as Poltrona Frau, Moroso, Rosetti, Piaval, Exenia gave plenty of food for thought.

“City Make Up” trend reflects constant building of your own emporium and finding new solutions to fresh ideas. Positivity, inner strength and passion are the key words, all combined with a feeling of warmth.

Herringbone flooring was trending among many set designs to give a sense of quality to the scheme. Dark ebony, charcoal grey, dirty white wash and almost black were the main colours for flooring. The City has every type of creature. Shiny surfaces and unusual marriages of materials and colours were often spotted in “City Make Up” mood. For example matt finishes combined with silk, laser cut designs, taffeta combined with linen, gloss and eggshell finishes on a same piece of furniture.

Colours are getting more saturated. It is like diving in the ocean; the deeper you go the darker it gets. Spicy orange hues are perfect to create the “City Make Up” theme. I think darker colours not only suit interiors best, but help to relax, let loose and let us dig deep into our thoughts.

Looking for an unusual accent colour to introduce that City vibe? Violet blue, lilac, viola, orchid are the ones to watch out for. Crisp off white hue from ceiling brought down to walls to give an illusion of airiness.

The following images are snap shots from the show, complemented with colours from various Dulux colour collections. Pat McDonnell Paints always recommend the application of a sample prior to a final decision on any colour. There are a number of factors which can substantially influence how a colour looks on a chip card/computer screen and how it will look in a room setting.

Kadri Bormeister,
Colour Consultant





‘’30YR 31/154’’







“Subtle Muslin”




‘’88BB 11/331’’





“Subtle Jute”


“Night Series”