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“Keim” mineral paints are mineral based paints which bond to surfaces in a different way to regular exterior paints. They create a microcrystalline bond with the new plaster or substrate, allowing the coating to become an integral part of that substrate. Other exterior paints form a film on top of the existing plasterwork.

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Q1. What is different about mineral paints?

Mineral paints create a microcrystalline bond with the underlying mineral substrate, therefore the coating becomes an integral part of the substrate. Conventional oil based paints are simply surface film forming coatings.

Q2. We Mineral paints are breathable, why is this an advantage?

The microcrystalline bond created between mineral paints and the substrate allows moisture vapour to pass through the minute gaps between the particles within the substrate whilst also preventing the passage of water. Keim mineral paints can achieve in excess of 96% of the original breathability of a surface once applied, whereas film forming coatings severely restrict the passage of moisture vapour.

Q3. Do mineral paints fade with time?

No, mineral paints are completely UV resistant which makes them completely lightfast.

Q4. Why should I use the mineral paints if my surfaces are already painted using conventional paints?

Applying a breathable mineral paint on top of a conventional paint finish will avoid any further build up of restriction in breathability as would occur with conventional paints. Breathability is not the only advantage of mineral paints; the additional advantages are outlined below:

• No emissions, solvents, plasticisers
• Non combustible, no toxic fumes
• Colour consistent, lightfast and UV-stable
• Resistant to mould, mildew and algae
• Keeps facades clean for many years
• Resistant to weathering, abrasion and soiling
• Further UV protection

Q5. What is the VOC content of mineral paint?

Mineral paint is VOC free. Where reference is made to a low VOC content or to content less than 1g/l, this is due to the REACH classification system used. The classification can be either low, medium or high, however those products that fall below the ‘low’ levels still have to be classed as low or in some cases, very low. There are also the practicalities in measuring small/miniscule VOC content as manufacturing process’ which employ plastics, for example UPVC pipes and polypropylene buckets will invariably have a very small acrylic content, which can lead to a false VOC measurement.

All Keim Paints comply with current regulations about VOCs in paints (regulation 2005 phase II).

Mineral paints can be applied in the same way as conventional paints. It is important to always maintain a wet edge and work to natural breaklines.

Q6. What surfaces are suitable for decoration with Keim mineral paints?

Any mineral substrate, such as render, stone, concrete, brick and plaster may be decorated using mineral paints. Mineral paints can also be applied to sound, previously painted surfaces.

Q7. What do you recommend as the best method of application?

The method of application depends upon the product being applied, for mineral paint we recommend brush, roller or spray (airless and/or low pressure) application.

Q8. How should I clean my tools/brushes?

Mineral paint can be cleaned from brushes and tools by simply using water, this should be carried out immediately following decoration.

Q9. Do I use water to dilute mineral paints?

Mineral paints should not be diluted with water. The dilution that is mixed with mineral paints is made from pure liquid potassium silicate.

Q10. Do you charge for delivery?

Good news…We deliver free of charge.

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