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Keim mineral silicate paint systems were invented over 130 years ago to provide long term protective and decorative finishes for renders, subject to harsh climatic conditions. Mineral silicate finishes last for decades; are safe, sustainable, breathable, weather resistant and UV stable.

“Keim” mineral paints are mineral based paints which bond to surfaces in a different way to regular exterior paints. They create a microcrystalline bond with the new plaster or substrate, allowing the coating to become an integral part of that substrate. Other exterior paints form a film on top of the existing plasterwork.

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Pat McDonnell Paints will advise and assist you on the full range of products and services of the Keim range.

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External Paint Systems

KEIM Granital

A classic mineral, matt finish silicate based paint for use on all forms of mineral substrates.

KEIM Ecotec

A solvent free vapour permeable water repellent coating for use on mineral substrates.

KEIM Royalan

A mineral silicate based paint system developed to withstand harsh climatic conditions, ideally suited for use in exposed locations and those subject to continual pollutants and contaminants.

KEIM Concretal Lasur

A water repellent low pigmentation silicate colour wash, for protection against weathering, which acts as a stain that penetrates the surface of concrete, equalising colour variations, whilst maintaining the structure and appearance of concrete.

KEIM Soldalit

A highly developed multi purpose exterior sol silicate paint system based on a combination of silica-sol and potassium silicate binding agents, universally suitable for application on to organic, mineral and mixed substrates, combining the benefits of a classic mineral paint with simplicity of application.

KEIM Concretal

Effective protection for concrete while retaining its concrete character. The Keim concretal system comprises mineral based concrete repair, decoration and protection materials, significantly reduces the rate of carbonation of concrete, providing a long life decorative system for mineral protection.

KEIM Lotexan

A clear dust suppressant and water repellent siloxane based treatment for use on alkaline mineral substrates such as concrete and new cementitious renders.

Keim Outdoor Paint

Internal Paint Systems

KEIM Ecosil ME

A high performance, environmentally friendly mineral paint for interior use. Silicate paint which optimises air quality, using photo-catalytic pigments to reduce noxious gasses and odours by transforming them into natural substances.

KEIM Optil

A premium quality sol – silicate paint specifically formulated for elegant interior applications, giving intense, lightfast colour shades.

Keim Indoor Paint

Renders and Repair Materials

KEIM Universal Render

A ready to use renovation and thin layer wall render, based on hydraulic lime and white cement with sand and mineral fibre fillers, for use on all mineral substrates, both interior and exterior.

KEIM Restauro Lasur

A water repellent, low pigmentation silicate colour wash for protection against weathering, which acts as a stain that penetrates the surface of stone, equalising colour variations, whilst maintaining the structure and appearance of stone.

KEIM Restauro Stone Repair System

A system for restoration of natural stone:
cleaning, consolidating, reinstating, water repellent impregnation, and coating.

KEIM Concretal Repair System

The Keim concrete repair system is based on cementitious and mineral constituents and is suitable for all forms of concrete substrate. The system consists of a range of materials that provide protection to both the concrete and the steel reinforcing bars.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly, ISO 14001
  • Breathable with high vapour permeability
  • Non combustible, no toxic fumes
  • Colour consistent and UV- stable
  • Resistant to mould, mildew and algae
  • Keeps facades clean for many years
  • Resistant to weathering, abrasion and soiling
  • Suitable for people with allergies
  • Low VOC
  • No emissions, solvents, plasticisers
  • Intensive, lightfast colour shades, flat matt appearance
  • Unequalled longevity
  • Easy and safe application
  • Easily redecorated
  • Economical
  • No odour during or following application

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