Discover the New Farrow & Ball Colours

Today sees the launch of nine new colours from our partner Farrow & Ball. Come in and discuss with our Colour Consultants how the new Farrow & Ball Colours can help your new make-over! Shadow White, Drop Cloth, Worsted, Cromarty, Peignoir, Yeabridge Green, Vardo, Inchyra Blue and Salon Drab.

Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 with Dulux Ireland ‘’BACKSTAGE GLAMOUR’’

Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 with Dulux Ireland ‘’BACKSTAGE GLAMOUR’’
Backstage Glamour
This is a particular favourite of mine. We prefer to show perfection and hide the backstage. Despite the fact that it is […]

Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 with Dulux Ireland ‘’THEATRICAL FANTASY’’

Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 with Dulux Ireland ‘THEATRICAL FANTASY’
Theatrical theme was ever present among many companies. Aren’t we all actors of life sometimes? We hide for good reasons in public, more […]

Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 with Dulux Ireland “Forgivingness”

FORGIVINGNESS is another movement that seemed to gain attention. This has been introduced to interiors by depth of colour, layering and unusual combinations. The look talks about calm after storm and of complete relaxation. The layering idea was witnessed in rugs, art work, painted boards.


Almost everything is personalized nowadays from phone covers to wallpaper patterns. Living areas are all about you, individuality rocks in every corner of the house. What is your secret recipe of being you? Write it on the walls! Give hints.

Wallpaper II

We are glad to display some of the latest collection of digital wallpapers. You may avail of woven wallpaper or choose to go for the more technologically advanced non-woven wallpaper. It is certainly one of the easiest ways to transform the scheme. There is a selection to suit various taste buds from mediocre to avant garde. The above images are examples of just a few of them. There is a lot more to choose from.

Wallpaper I

2015 rolls on and so does the design world. Individuality, creativity and showing unique character of a project are becoming more essential trends. Both traditional and digital wallpaper have a huge role to play in this. Wallpaper introduces another dimension, tells a story and adds flavor to the scheme. With the invention of nonwoven wallpapers, it is easy to remove from the wall when they become outdated.

Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan 2015 with Dulux Ireland ‘’COLOUR EXTRAVAGANZA’’

This theme is all about colour, the bolder the better. There is a lot of grey which sets a neutral backdrop and is easy to work with. The trick is to keep it deep as it sets a calming mood. Grey was often combined with mustard and navy. Talking about blue, there were oceans of variations of blue at the show: teal, green – blue, ultramarine, smoky navy, cobalt, sea blue, ceroleum. They are the hues that evoke feelings of reassurance and security. Blue will be the new trend colour in time, replacing the grey.

Colour Palette from Salone del Mobile Milan with Dulux Ireland

Salone del Mobile Milan was overwhelming!! So much to see, explore and digest. I am delighted to share the buzz of Salone del Mobile Milan fair with you. It was a pleasure to attend the show with Dulux brand marketing manager Judith Byrne from Dulux Ireland. A designer visiting a trade show is like a trip to wonderland.

Retail Excellence Ireland Company of the Year Awards

Pat McDonnell Paints has been has again been shortlisted by Retail Excellence Ireland - the largest retail industry body in Ireland - in their most prestigious award category, Company of the Year. Every year REI host the largest and most recognised Irish Retail Awards in partnership with Barclaycard.

Decorating Teenagers Rooms

Decorating Teenagers Rooms

Kids Wallpaper

Kids Wallpaper

Wallpaper Article IV

Wallpaper Article IV

Wallpaper Article III

Wallpaper Article III

Wallpaper Article VI

Wallpaper Article VI

Colour and digital wallpaper for kids

Colour and digital wallpaper for kids

Wallpaper Article V

Wallpaper Article V

Autism Colour Article

Colour is believed to be the most important visual experience for human beings. Colour influences peoples attitude, grabs attention, evokes feelings and can be very effective in learning and educational settings.

Our instore Colour Consultants are Autism Aware

Scientists are not certain what causes autism but research into autism and genetics has shown that it is likely autism is genetically pre-determined. Research is on-going to determine which genes may be relevant and to what degree environmental ‘triggers’ may be involved in the increase in incidence.

Preparation for Colour Consultation Appointment

Advice is given on the basis of information provided. In order to get maximum out of the consultation please make sure to bring in photographs or video material, plans of the house are helpful to give an idea of the layout and photo of the exterior tells the architecture of the house.

The Colour Grey – Part 3

Grey, being a reserved colour, serves as an attractive backdrop for any other colour. For example pair a grey with blue for a sensational duo. Or how about a pale gray 0196 Overgrown and an indigo blue Typography’. This combination will create an urban scheme.

The Colour Grey – Part 2

GREY an understanding hue

Grey is an easy hue to work with. Being a neutral shade most things will look well against it. It is often referred to as a colour of compromise. It is an […]

The Colour Grey – Part 1

Hello Colour Lovers!
Grey seems to be a favored companion to anybody who is starting a decorating project. This trend is derived from talks about banks and money issues covered widely in media over the recent […]

Preparation for Colour Consultation Appointment

Photographs of the room that give an overview of the light, space and style.
Plans and photos of exterior in order to know the architecture of the building.
Exterior photos ideally surrounding areas, ( garden, drive, other […]

When Time is Precious

There are a number of factors which can substantially influence how a colour looks on a chip card/computer screen & how it will look in a room setting. e.g the quality of a camera image, […]

New Colour Classics

Hello colour lovers!
The year gone by was fairly intense in the paint world. There was a massive increase in the use of colour in interiors. Bold and adventurous hues seen in fashion during previous years […]

Global Culture

Due, in part, to social media the world has become much smaller and more accessible. A person could travel the globe by just using Google Maps. This mixing of cultures not only helps us to […]

Accent Colours

Colours to look out for this year are blues, reds, pinks, purples. Vary their intensity and strength depending on the desired look. They can be pure, bold and lively in their quality almost like a […]

Colour Trends for 2014

This year in an ever-changing trend environment there is a new direction of neutral hue to look out for. It is a muted pink and grey-mauve; simply a pink or purple with plenty of grey […]



Wallpaper is becoming more common feature in our interiors. It enables you to define character of the room by adding another dimension.  Wallpaper can add beauty, intimacy and character in a way that paint cannot.. […]

How do I remove Mould?

I seem to have mould and some mildew around my window in my Bedroom and in the corner of my ceiling , how do i remove this and how do i stop this from happening again?

Spraying my Radiator Covers

I am just about to repaint my timber radiator covers and was wondering rather than just brushing or rolling the paint can I re-spray them? Do you know where I can ether buy or hire a spray gun?

Painting old furniture

I have some old kitchen chairs that are currently stained with a pine colour. Can I paint these? I was hoping to paint them a strong red colour.

Painting over Fire or Soot Damage

I am repainting my living room but the walls and ceiling have a layer of soot on them. I tried to clean them with soapy water but it just spreads the soot around. Any advice on cleaning it off? Or do need to paint them with something special?

Exterior Colours Part 2 Greens

A  love for the colour has increased over the past five years or so. Green is a colour of hope that represents progress and of course ” good Luck ” maybe it is something that […]

Painting a PVC Door

I have a white P.V.C Door at home and was wondering is it possible to paint it black?

Painting my Previously Stained Door

I am looking to paint my front door which was previously stained. Will it be ok to sand, apply undercoat and then paint? Or will I need to strip it and prime it as well as undercoat it. P.S. I am using a Satin Finish paint for my top-coat.

Exterior Dash Walls

I am just about ready to start painting the Exterior of my house and it is finished in a semi rough dash finish. What is the best Roller sleeve to use?

In-Store Colour Consultants

I am just about to move into my dream home, and money is tight! I would like the 'designer look' on my walls but at the moment I just cant afford afford one. What can I do?

Painting Outdoor Furniture

I am tired of painting my outdoor furniture in the usual teak and pine colours and would like to try something different maybe even a blue or a green. What can you recommend?


I have just put down my new deck and I need to get it stained, but the weather is so unsettled at the moment what can you recommend?

Exterior Colours Part 1

They are just not enough colours to choose from  honestly ! Selecting a colour for outside is more important than inside as you will have to live longer with it . An understated look I […]

Cant Afford a new counter top – Here is the answer

You can now paint it with Giani Granite Countertop Paint. This is a three coat paint system that is easy to apply and will transform your countertop and give the appearance of Granite. I cant […]

Preparation for painting the Exterior of your Home

This will depend on how long since it was last painted . If it has not been done in a while I would recommend a fungicidal wash; Farbex Multi Surface Prep is ideal. This is […]

How do I clean and re-stain my decking area .

Preparation is so important here , the cleaner the deck the longer your stain will last . Start by brushing the deck to get rid any dirt , use a good hard bristle deck scrubbing […]

What are the best Rollers and Brushes to use ?

It is so important to use the best quality brushes and Roller Sleeves that your budget will allow . Good quality paints can look terrible when applied with poor quality tools . I would highly […]

What type of brushes do I need?

Choosing the right size and shape of brush from the start can save you a lot of time later. Deciding which brush width will work best depends on the amount of open or flat area […]

In which order should I paint my room?

It ay seem obvious, but it is important to paint a room in the right order, even the best paints can drip, splatter and spill. The recommended order to paint a room is from the […]

How do I prepare my room for painting?

Remove curtains, mirrors, pictures, rugs and ornaments from the room.
Remove as much furniture as possible and cover remaining furniture with dust sheets.
Wrap plastic around light fixtures and use masking tape to cover any hardware you […]

How do I paint my walls?

Preparation is the essential key to superior looking, long lasting results.
A properly prepared wall should be clean, dry and solid i.e. without any cracks or imperfections.
Newly Plastered Walls
New plaster must be thoroughly dry before painting.
Remove […]

How do I paint my ceilings?

First make sure you can reach the area you are painting safely.
Cover up or remove light fittings.
Use an extension handle fitted to a roller.
Begin painting the ceiling in broad strips, starting in the corner near […]

How do I paint my doors?

Edge the door open and remove locks and handles. Leave the door frame until last as splashes of paint that get on the frame will be covered later.
Flush Door

Paint from the top down in […]

How do I paint my radiators?

Make sure that your radiator is sound, clean and free from any grease before painting.
Turn off radiator and allow to go completely cold prior to painting.
Apply the paint direct to new radiators keeping the coats […]

How do I paint my skirting boards?

Lift carpet or protect with a dust sheet.
Vacuum the area between the skirting and floor to remove dust and debris.
Place a piece of card between the skirting and the floor to prevent the paint brush […]

How do I choose the correct paint finish?

Choosing the right paint is not complicated. Your choice will depend on:

The surface to be painted.
The kind of use the paint must sustain.
The kind of paint finish you wish to live with.

We will help you […]

Baby Designs

Deciding on colours for a babys room can be quite interesting, especially when you don’t know if it is to be a boy, a girl or even twins! With the rollercoster of pregnancy coming to […]

Colour Revival

 – the first one of many. I will be talking about colour, giving up dates about the latest trends and general colour advice. I hope that you will find it useful and informative.
Changing colour trends […]