Choosing the right paint is not complicated. Your choice will depend on:

  • The surface to be painted.
  • The kind of use the paint must sustain.
  • The kind of paint finish you wish to live with.

We will help you choose the right paint by explaining the various types and uses for paint. The better quality the paint, the longer lasting and better looking your room will be. Always insist on top quality paint.

Interior vs Exterior Paint

One of the most important things to be aware of is that paint is formulated for either interior or exterior use. Interior and exterior paints have totally different properties:

Interior Paint

  • Scrubbable and stain resistant
  • Good hiding power
  • Splatter resistant
  • Easy touch up

Exterior Paint

  • Colour Retention.
  • Resistance to fading.
  • Flexibility to withstand expansion and contraction due to varying weather conditions.
  • Provide mildew and algae resistant coating.