Wallpaper is becoming more common feature in our interiors. It enables you to define character of the room by adding another dimension.  Wallpaper can add beauty, intimacy and character in a way that paint cannot.. There is a huge variety to choose from depending on a look that you are after.

I’ll start off with our selection of wallpapers that we stock, patterns vary from store to store.

Decoration of kids and student rooms is on agenda lately, it is holiday season after all. There are lovely themed wallpapers from Hollywood stars to graphic black and white ones.

Decorating kids and teenagers rooms is a great fun as you can let your creativity run wild.


Marilyn Monroe wallpaper

Marilyn Monroe wallpaper is demand for girls. You could enhance this wallpaper by painting some of Marilyn’s lips with lipstick. Her hair could be coloured in something similar to what Andy Warhol did with her images. If you are not too artisitic leave it be as is. This wallpaper will work equally well in a beauty salon, hair dressers or in a chic cafe themed with black and white and a punch of red. Paint the counter in RAL 3000 Flame Red and go for gloss finish.


Denim style wallpaper

 Denim wallpaper is wonderfully unisex.  It is perfectly suitbable for boys room, dress it up with dark greys and rich petrol blues.  For example, 50 BG 38/011 by Dulux, Quinchy Granite or Citadel Blue by Old Historic Colortrend. Have a look at Pale Peacock by Dulux or 0469 Déjà vu by Colortrend, sophisticated pink like Rice Flower by Dulux will look refreshing combined with denim wallpaper. Denim wallpaper really suits a clothes shop, shoe shop or any other shop selling fashion items for youth.


Graffiti   wallpaper

Graffiti wallpaper is another versatile one. Depending on your choice of colour it will appeal to both female and male individuals. If you are decorating boys room paint 1-2walls or all walls either Black or Urbanite, both by Dulux.  Choose Agathia Green by Dulux for girls room. Paint 1-2walls in that or all walls. It is quite intense but a happy colour. If the room is used for studying have a look at your light before making final decision.  Graffiti wallpaper would suit a funky bar, take-away or internet café.


Cityscape wallpaper – Paris, Rome and New York

Cityscapes Paris, New York or Rome wallpaper, what it will be? These are for city lovers or urbanites. In terms of interiors those wallpapers can be used in a bathroom for a culture shock. It will look interesting to the eye. Another way is too have it in the kitchen behind the splash back and put clear glass over it. Or if the budget does not stretch go for varnish instead.  Clear matt varnish will be just perfect or gloss if you like a shiny finish. But be aware that this look has a limited life expectancy. Every kitchen is different, some used more frequently than others. If you are cooking a lot it will not wear that well over the years. Good thing is it is so easy to wallpaper over it.

Or cut out squares and frame them and decorate your hall, like an art gallery. Make frames out of cheap coving or get some of Ivory White by Dulux and use a 4 inch brush and paint a frame around it freehand on to the wall.  A Hallway is a passage way, we do not really live there. Cuttings of wallpaper will give an effect as you have a permanent exhibition. Do not worry about any imperfections as it is only you who can see them.


Graphic wallpaper – black and white / Lantern paper

There are various patterns to choose from our black and white wallpapers.  Black lanterns on white back-ground can be used in the kitchen or by the dining room table. Absolutely any wall colour will go well with it.  Go for 0296 Only Yesterday for warm look, it is a rich biscuit colour. Green grey like 0232 Frond would suit.  French Clay by Dulux will look very intimate with this paper, it is a muted purple.


Graphic wallpaper- black and white / Figure paper

Another black and white wallpaper is has an outline of people on it. This is a particular favourite of young fashionistass.  It can only get better with the period of time that you have it on the wall. This can be upgraded by adding cuttings of models, bags or traffic lights etc. from magazines. Pretend you are a designer and you have to make it appear better visually. Use your critical eye and adjust only here and there if you feel like it.


Monochrome, textured and pattern within itself wallpaper

Decorating a teenager’s room is a great fun. If you cannot make up your mind which one to go for then choose either a textured wallpaper in one block of colour or a paper that is just pleasant and easy to the eye.  Start off by painting the walls with RAL 7044 Silk Grey and go with burgundy colour textured wallpaper for instance. Cut out freely flowing forms from the wallpaper and paste on to the wall. You can explore with once off statement walls. Or you could do the two adjoining walls. This look can be named   a’la Matisse as he did this type of work in his later years.


Bookcase wallpaper

It comes in two different colours and it’s a great one to be used on a living room wall, downstairs toilet or in a hall on a back wall at the end of the corridor. French Mustard by Colortrend Historic Collection is a brave choice or 0883 ‘Follow the Leader’ by Colortrend.  Georgian Grey on the walls and Timeless both by Dulux on your woodwork will look wonderful with this wallpaper. You could also use it in a dining room, get an artist brush and sample pot of Coral Red  RAL 3016 and write a few name on the books, to make it look funky. It’s a soft red that would tone well with wallpaper giving an impression this is the way it is meant to look at a first place.


Have fun decorating!

Kadri Bormeister

In- Store Colour Designer

Tralee Branch