Hello Colour Lovers!

Grey seems to be a favored companion to anybody who is starting a decorating project. This trend is derived from talks about banks and money issues covered widely in media over the recent yeas. Publications filled with images of dull buildings and general vibe of unknown, hibernation and depression.

Naturally this economical ‘grey feeling’ has influenced the design world. However, grey is all-around, controlled and functional colour. It is a versatile neutral and heavenly to accessorize with, as absolutely anything will look well with the grey. Think of the little black dress this works for any occasion any season.

Dramatic Grey



The darker the grey the more deluxe, dramatic and affluent the interior will become. Use deeper shades of grey in the dining room, sitting room, the den. i..e ‘Upgreyed’ by Dulux Signature.

Some households prefer to personalize the rooms to add more character as ‘his’ and ‘hers’ living corners the word ‘men’s cave’, the ‘women’s parlor’ is being used often. Those areas are suited for relaxation to unwind after the days hectic schedule – ‘Pure Shadow’ would suit well into men’s section and ‘0540 Praise Giving’ for women’s area.

Deeper hues create an intimate, cozy and warm interior. Dim corners in the restaurants are usually booked up first. Dress your walls with ‘Plummett no.272’ by Farrow and Ball if you desire opulent look. How about on ‘’Zen Retreat’’ your ceiling for a breathtaking site?

Jazz up your interior world with colour!

In-store designer, Tralee branch kadri@mcdonnellpaints.ie

Pat McDonnell Paints always recommend the application of a sample prior to a final decision on any colour.

There are a number of factors which can substantially influence how a colour looks on a chip card/computer screen & how it will look in a room setting. e.g the quality of a camera image, quality of the computer screen, the lighting in the room etc.

pure shadow

Pure Shadow

praise giving

Praise Giving



zen retreat

Zen Retreat