The Colour Grey – Part 3

GRAY married with blue

Intelligent deep blue and delicate grey

Typography By Dulux Signature


Grey, being a reserved colour, serves as an attractive backdrop for any other colour. For example pair a grey with blue for a sensational duo. Or how about a pale gray ‘0196 Overgrown’ and an indigo blue ‘Typography’? This combination will create an urban scheme. Dark blues resemble deep thought, so if you would like to impress in an understated fashion ‘Typography’ by Dulux Signature is a wonderful companion.

0196 overgrown

0196 Overgrown

You can paint the whole room with ‘Typography’ and the ceiling with ‘0567 Hearthstone’, or vice versa. ‘Typography’ on the ceiling will add some drama and also works as an effective element in the overall scheme. Alternatively paint the two adjoining walls of a room in each colour. This will visually divide the room. For instance a living and dining room; kitchen come family room; office work area or waiting area.
You can paint the whole room with ‘Typography’ and a desk or some other furniture with ‘Mid Cinder’. This scheme would work well in the den, bathroom or in a cozy winters sitting room.

The same mix can be incorporated in reverse in the kitchen. Have ‘Typography’ only on the dresser, an island or dining room table. Paint the kitchen walls with ‘Mid Cinder’. Make sure to select another colour for the utility which is different to the kitchen such as ‘Mid Cloud’ by Dulux Signature. This will result in more eye-pleasing scheme.

0567 hearthstone

0567 Hearthstone

mid cinder

Mid Cinder

Fragile pastels and pale greys

subtle shadow

Subtle Shadow

Any of the above paints will work well with pastel colours. Pale greys are restful, peaceful and appear easy on the eye. ‘Subtle Shadow’ by Dulux Signature, ‘Ha’penny White’ by Colortrend Historic – green-grey, ‘Mid Jute’ by Dulux Signature – green grey, ‘Mid Cloud’ by Dulux Signature is a blue-grey. This family is the epitome of elegance and will help to create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere.
Grey is an ideal colour with a fresh off-white ceiling. Make sure to paint window soffits and window reveals the same as ceilings. This is important because you are maximizing the natural daylight. The off-whites add flavor to the grey. ‘0011 Sugar Dust’ by Colortrend is a solid choice.

mid jute

Mid Jute

mid cloud

Mid Cloud

sugar dust

Sugar Dust

Modest to dearing comrade

Gray, being a true all-around colour, ensures sure that almost anything will show up well against it. A gray neutralizes bold (ie. ‘Petrol’ by Colortrend) and bright hues (ie. ‘Lulworth Blue no.89’ by Farrow and Ball) and brings to life the more gentle colours e.g. (‘Mid Orb’ by Dulux Signature). ‘Petrol’ comes from a blue-green family and works especially well with pine (stairs, furniture, and flooring). The ‘Lulworth Blue’ is suited to contemporary schemes as it is a fresh and cool blue. The ‘Mid Orb’ is a delicate blue-green which harmonizes with a grey.
Picking the right paint hue is similar to picking the right foundation for make up or the perfect suit to complement your style. You are more than welcome to book an appointment with one of our colour professionals to aid on your design scheme.

lulworth blue

Lulworth Blue

mid orb

Mid Orb



Dress up interiors in a splendid manner this autumn!

In-store designer, Tralee branch

Pat McDonnell Paints always recommend the application of a sample prior to a final decision on any colour.

There are a number of factors which can substantially influence how a colour looks on a chip card/computer screen & how it will look in a room setting. e.g the quality of a camera image, quality of the computer screen, the lighting in the room etc.