GREY an understanding hue

moles breath paint

Moles Breath

Grey is an easy hue to work with. Being a neutral shade most things will look well against it. It is often referred to as a colour of compromise. It is an uncomplicated, convenient and versatile hue that can give an opulent appearance. The more profound spectrum of greys will form a plush ambience.

Mole’s Breath no.276’ by Farrow and Ball is a splendid choice if you are undertaking painting high importance room or if you just would like to have a sumptuous, luscious look. For example a board-room, director’s office or executive bedroom. This hue could be used all over, or just as an accent colour on the 2 adjoining walls in order to separate the space. How about using ‘Mole’s Breath no.276’ on the headboard?

Grey combined with RED

Harissa by Dulux Signature range

‘Harissa’ by Dulux Signature range

Incorporate grey with red hues, this combination results in a playful look. Grey interiors construct a smart ambience, a pop of colour will add a pleasant vibe.

For instance get a small amount of red-orange ‘Harissa’ by Dulux Signature range and transform your coffee table. As an alternative you could paint the back of your bookcase. Paint your hall/landing gray and use ‘Harissa’ on your stairs? Or just hang a lot of frames and paint them in variations of red?

0553 Smoky wings’ by Colortrend or ‘Manor House Gray no.265’ Farrow and Ball are great combined with red. ‘Kimono’ by New Historic Colortrend and ‘Chia’ by Dulux Signature.

smoky wings paint

Smoky Wings


Chia by Dulux Signature

manor house gray

Manor House Gray



Grey married with PURPLE

Purple being a regal and noble hue works wonders mixed with grey. Perhaps walls could be done in ‘0555 Ocean Frigate’ by Colortrend and ceiling in ‘Absolutely Livid’ Dulux Signature or a chair.

Brassica no.271’ by Farrow and Ball is a softer purple that would complement the grey. Try a green-grey ‘French Gray no.18’ by Farrow and Ball. For instance bath paneling painted in ‘Brassica no.271’ and walls ‘French Gray no.18.

ocean frigate

Ocean Frigate

absolutely livid

Absolutely Livid



french gray

French Gray

Dress up interiors in a splendid manner this autumn.

In-store designer, Tralee branch

Pat McDonnell Paints always recommend the application of a sample prior to a final decision on any colour.

There are a number of factors which can substantially influence how a colour looks on a chip card/computer screen & how it will look in a room setting. e.g the quality of a camera image, quality of the computer screen, the lighting in the room etc.