The perfect shade for your home this Summer

The 1st of May brought us the official first day of the Summer, yippee! Although, it may not feel like it just yet. However, at Pat McDonnell Paints we believe sunshine is on it’s way and it has inspired us to look at a much loved shade of colour – Pastel.

To create a look like this use Cliffswallow 0131 from Colourtrend.

Pastel shades, ice-cream colours, candy hues, whatever you want to call them, are more popular than ever in people’s homes. And no wonder! They bring an essence of calm and relaxation to a room, brightening it up and giving it more space.

For a similar look in to your home use Uninhibited 0700 from Colourtrend.

With pastels such as dusted heathers, frosted blues, powder pinks and soft peaches you can elegantly move on from your usual creams and beiges without any fear. Because Colour Matters it is a subtle way of adding colour in to your home without being too flamboyant, perfect for those of us who like to keep it neutral.

Because of their light dusty hues these pinks, yellows and blues are not too girly, making them very gender neutral. You can also avoid the girly look by adding soft furnishings and homewares that are minimal and contemporary rather than ornate and fussy. To give pastel shades a very masculine look use materials like stone, metals and vintage leather.

Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball will give a comparable look.

Top tip; Paint bolder versions of the pastel colour next to it for a very fresh and contemporary take on the classic summer colours.

For a similar colour use Icehouse from Colourtrend Historic Collection.

The barely-there tones of the pastel colours work wonders with different natural wood furnishings, from blonde timbers to dark pralines. They are also complimented very well by geometric patterns, and pale greys.

Comparable colours include yellow Subtle Bumble & Mid Orb both from the Dulux Signature Collection.

And it’s not just the walls that can be painted. If you have a smaller budget, or just want to try something different, you can paint your furniture instead.

For a look akin to this use Little Smile 1155 from Colourtrend.

Paint your room a pastel shade and get ready to feel zen!

If you have any questions about the colours or wallpapers mentioned in this blog please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like some advice before you redecorate your home you can book an appointment with one of our Colour Consultants in your local store by clicking here.

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