Painting Kitchen Table & Chairs

“I wish to seek your advice on painting my old pine table and chairs. What preparation do I need to do and which paint products are best to use?” – Jack

How to Paint Your Kitchen Table and Chairs - Pat McDonnell Paints Guide

 Painting Materials Required:

  • 1 pack (brand name)  big wipes
  • ½ litre Sugar Soap
  • Owatrol E.S.P coverage 18 m²/L
  • Dulux undercoat (solvent based)  coverage 16 m²/L
  • Dulux Satinwood  (solvent based)  coverage 17 m²/L

Painting Equipment Required:

  • 2 Harper and Green 12 by 12 drop covering sheets
  • 1 Medium Sanding Sponge
  • 1 Harper and Green 2” Classic Brush
  • 1 Harper and Green ½ “ Classic Brush

Preparation & Application:  

  1. Wash table and chairs with a sugar soap solution & dry off.
  2. Lightly sand surfaces.
  3. Apply a coat of E.S.P with a cloth, leave dry at least two hours.
  4. Apply one coat Undercoat, leave to dry overnight.
  5. Apply one coat of Satinwood.
  6. Do not use table and chairs for a week, so that the paint can thoroughly harden.

Top Tip: It’s best to lay coasters when using the table surface top.

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