How Can I Paint My Previously Stained Door?

I’m looking to paint my front door which was previously stained. Will it be okay to sand, apply undercoat and then paint? Or will I need to strip it and prime it as well as undercoat it. P.S. I am using a Satin Finish paint for my top-coat.

Many thanks,

Hi Ciara,

Thanks for your email, there is no need to strip it. I would sand it down firstly with a med/rough sandpaper,then  give it a wipe down with a dry cloth to remove all the sanding dust . Apply a coat of undercoat ,when fully dry give it a light sand with a fine sandpaper (ideally 180 grade grey paper) wipe down again with a dry cloth and then apply two coats of your topcoat.
You mentioned that you are using a Satin Finish for your top-coat – just make sure that the brand of paint that you are using is suitable for Exterior use as not all of then are.

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