How To Varnish Exterior Wood

“I need advice on varnishing new raw teak wooden gates on the exterior of my home. I would like to keep them as natural a finish as possible please.” – Ann, Tralee

How to Paint Your Outdoor Wood Fencing Pat McDonnell Paints

Materials Required:

  • Sadolins Classic Natural Coverage 15m2 / litre
  • Sadolins Extra Natural Coverage 15m2 / litre

Equipment Required:

  • 1 Harper & Green 2” Classic Brush
  • 1 Harper & Green 1/2” Classic Brush
  • 1 Medium Grade Flat Sanding Sponge
  • 1 Deltec 1.5” Gold Masking Tape
  • 1 Harper & Green 12 x 12 Drop Covering Sheet

Preparation & Application:

  1. Cover ground areas with dust sheets & tape where necessary.
  2. Scrape & dust down all surfaces for painting.
  3. Apply one coat of  primer, leave dry over 16 hours.
  4. Sand, dust down & apply one undercoat leave dry over 16 hours.
  5.  Dependant on skill level, a 2nd undercoat may be necessary.
  6. Apply one coat of gloss, leave dry as long as possible before closing areas.
  7. Re-open areas frequently for a few days, so wood jambs can thoroughly harden.

*Always remove masking tape after a few days because the tape glue may dry and damage the fittings.

Top Tip: For the perfect natural colour, call in store where our sales team can mix up the perfect shade for your wood.