Due, in part, to social media the world has become much smaller and more accessible. A person could travel the globe by just using Google Maps. This mixing of cultures not only helps us to bridge the gap of our differences, but opens up the visual world. Anything goes at any time. Colours are coming out of ordinary combinations and they are losing their traditional values. You see more unexpected types of colour collaborations.

antoinette pink

Antoinette Pink

Demand for bespoke colour schemes grows. For instance blue is trending on the kitchen walls along with pink. Have a look at ‘0042 Antoinette Pink’ this is a warm pink without being too sugary or sweet. From the blue family try the ‘Cobalt Frieze’ by Colortrend Historic range this is especially good with wooden kitchen units. The Utility space is another area to explore audacious colours, for instance ‘Wolf Eyes’ by Dulux Signature range. This is a profound muddy green that works well with white or cream appliances.

We are spending more time socializing and working at home, how about making this precious time an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience. Colour is certainly one of the ways achieving this.

cobalt frieze

Cobalt Frieze

wolf eyes

Wolf Eyes

Have colourful days!
In-store designer, kadri@mcdonnellpaints.ie

Pat McDonnell Paints always recommend the application of a sample prior to a final decision on any colour.

There are a number of factors which can substantially influence how a colour looks on a chip card/computer screen & how it will look in a room setting. e.g the quality of a camera image, quality of the computer screen, the lighting in the room etc.