Interview With A Colour Consultant

In January, our talented colour consultant Sarah Jane McMurray at our Nutgrove store in Dublin, sat down with Pat Kenny on his Newstalk Radio show.  She discussed her background and her colour experience. For all her top decor tips, keeping reading!

Sarah Jane Dublin Colour Consultant Pat McDonnell Paints

I studied interior design and I also had a keen interest in the paint world and set up a business with a close friend of mine, painting and interior design. I decided to hone in on the colour aspect of it. The idea of colour and mood – there are more people that are effected by colour than others. Some people are indifferent with what they’re surroundings are, and other people can be deeply affected by the colour. Colour plays a huge part in your mood. Colours evoke certain feelings. The colours of nature; blues, greens, browns, are all calming colours. Colours not seen often in nature; yellows, reds, they’re passionate and quite energetic colours.

Light is a huge factor with colour. Without light, there is no colour. The biggest mistake we make when choosing colour is not understanding how light works. Colours can change under the light, like LED lights, they can be day light LED, kind of blue-ish and they can be what’s called ‘’warm white’’ and the colour on your wall actually changes with the lighting.

If you select your paint in say a wintery daylight, then you switch on the lights which are warm, it becomes a different colour. So you have to know which is the most dominant. I always recommend using tester pots or colour cards – look at them through different lights when you’re going to use the room. Ranging from €1.50 to €7, tester pots and colour cards are a small investment and are well worth your while if you’re going to spend a lot of money redecorating your room.

To book a free colour consultation with Sarah Jane at our Dublin store, you can make an appointment here. Sarah Jane answered some listeners decor questions on the Pat Kenny Show. Want to find out the answers? Check out this post!