They are just not enough colours to choose from  honestly ! Selecting a colour for outside is more important than inside as you will have to live longer with it . An understated look I think is the best for a private home , this way you are not drawing too much attention to your house , especially when you are in the country . This way it will blend in with the landscape and add to the surroundings rather than take from it . Earthy tones are continuing to be en vogue , green living , re- cycling , and environmental friendliness are the main focus at the moment when it comes to design . This trend tends to be focused on  greys , blues and greens. These can be easy on the eye and subtle.

Here are some of my suggestions

Greys    = Colortrend 0211 light Lichen , 0226 Sedge , 0212 Big Spender or 0233 Deep Marsh as your main wall colour . And trim them with a crisp off  white  maybe Colortrend 0011 Sugar Dust or maybe 0222 Au Naturel again by Colortrend .

Dulux DH Drab is a muddy green which would be absolutely wonderfull as a main colour for a bungalow and go for Dulux Indian White for your Plinths and Sills. This will look very rich and luxurious but at the same time make an understated statement. this scheme  is especially good if your are painting a single story house as sometimes the roof can get too much attention from the house being low ( Have a look the next time from a distance to see what I mean ) the trick is the off white colour as this will naturally lift the house and make it seem higher than it is .

These are just some of my suggestions , in my next installment I will suggest some Blues and Greens .  Please if you are interested in seeing these colours for your selves please send me an email  and I will  post you out some colourcards for the colours mentioned above . Or call me in our Tralee Store to make an oppointment and I will glady discuss these further with you .

Happy Painting

Kadri Bormeister

In – Store Colour Designer

Tralee Branch