A  love for the colour has increased over the past five years or so. Green is a colour of hope that represents progress and of course ” good Luck ” maybe it is something that we could all do with !

What to Consider

If you are going to go for a green for the exterior of your home than have a look at some earthy , muted soft greens as they are more pleasing to the eye . Have a look at some of the options below , I have provided a brief description as to help you choose . Please send me a email through the contact page if you would like me to send you out some colour cards showing these colours in full.

Colourtrend Greens

” Helen of Troy 0350 “ is a delicate pea green that works well on a two story home that has some natural stonework . Try white or an off-white on the trim ” Loch Ness 0341 “ works very well. Or try ” Historic Shade 0372 “ which would suit a building that is surrounded by a natural landscape, or a town house .

Dulux Greens 

Pale Olivine is a lively green that would enhance a cottage , try Ivory white as a trim colour , this bare off white will enhance the feeling of freshness. Stone Green is a grey green from the Dulux Historic palette ,it is an ideal colour if you do not want to draw too much attention and sits very well within the natural landscape. Deep Olivine is an adventurous brown green that is perfect for a pub or other business as to draw peoples eye to the building .  Try Achill white as your trim colour .

Farrow and Ball 

Churlish Green no 251 has an uplifting hue that works very well in an old farmhouse or anywhere in the countryside . Stone work no 11 is softer it is a mild green that looks great in a town house allowing some nature to be brought in . Or try Olive no.13 great choice for a town house being elegant but not too dominent .


These are just some of my favourite greens , you will get years out a green colour as it is a comfortable colour to be surrounded by . Green represents balance and a sence of order as well as stimulating growth . Introduce some green in your life if you are looking for some change.


Happy Decorating

Kadri Bormeister

In-Store Colour Designer

Tralee Branch