What is Preval?

preval spray gunIn one sentence, Preval is a professional grade spray gun where no compressor is needed. Some people refer to it as the “baby sprayer” because it looks a little like an original baby bottle when they were made with glass.

Preval is cordless and recyclable. How Preval works is truly amazing as it can spray whatever you want, within reason.

Preval is powered like a traditional aerosol can, but it operates like a traditional spray gun. The pressure comes from the top part called the “Power Unit”, contained separately from the product you are spraying.

Made from aluminim, and from solvent proof components, the Power Unit is fully sealed, crimped and contained with natural and man-made propellants to insure a professional spray.

A dip tube runs through it pulling up what you are spraying. Preval will spray up to 150 square feet of varnish (could be any product, as an example) and more.

Even sprays most paints, when conditioned or thinned to proper viscosity.