bush buck

Bush Buck

This year in an ever-changing trend environment there is a new direction of neutral hue to look out for. It is a muted pink and grey-mauve; simply a pink or purple with plenty of grey and brown undertones.

The more toned down, unobtrusive and mellow the hue the more mundane the interior will turn out. The appearance it gives is sophisticated and classy.

Bush Buck 0140’ by Colorblind and ‘Setting Plaster no.231’ by Farrow and Ball. These two colours are dusky and delicate by their nature helping to create an elegant feeling.

setting plaster

Setting Plaster

These colours would work well in to kitchen, living room or a porch. It is also a wonderful waiting room or reception colour. ‘Mid Jasper’ by Dulux Signature range is on a warmer scale of pinks, but it is not too sugary. This is a good sitting room colour. Muted colours bring the sense of old-world and give the atmosphere a vintage look.

Potters Clay no.1’ by Dulux is a grey-mauve. This hue shade would perform well in a bedroom. It creates a tranquil, serene and calm atmosphere.

mid jasper

Mid Jasper

potters clay

Potters Clay