Colour Talk with Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director, Dulux U.K. & Ireland 

On Wednesday, November 13th 2019 Pat McDonnell Paints were delighted to open the Sculpture Galleries in the Crawford Art Gallery​ to expert colourists, interior designers, architects and artists from across Cork for a special Colour Talk with Marianne Shillingford, the Creative Director of Dulux​ UK & Ireland. This event celebrated colour, in particular the striking blue of the Sculpture Galleries which houses the iconic Canova Casts.

The Sculpture Galleries, in the Crawford Art Gallery were rejuvenated earlier this year with support from Pat McDonnell Paints. Inspired by the skies of Tuscany, Canova Blue was commissioned and christened for the walls of this historic gallery. Colour unlocks potential and Canova Blue proves this to be true. It not only changes the way we see and respond to this incredible collection but helps to tell the story of the historic Canova Casts.

The Canova Casts on display at the Crawford Gallery represent some of the finest masterpieces from the Vatican Collection. They were made under the supervision of renowned Italian sculptor Antonio Canova and include casts of some of his own works. In this space you can travel through time and explore the majestic figures of decision makers, influences and mythical characters standing in relief of the Canova Blue which frames the very sculptures for which it was named.