Colour Consult Project: Killarney Outlet Centre

The wonderfully talented Kadri Bormeister, a colour consultant at our Tralee store, recently completed a colour consult project for Killarney Outlet Centre:


For the clock tower,  I chose ‘’Farmhouse Ochre’’ by Colourtrend. This rich yellow-orange works well with the natural stone. The trim colour used on plith/sill/window reveals and soffits is ‘’Jewett White’’ by Colourtrend Old Historic Collection. It is an old white with a grey undertone.



For the road facing section of the centre, I chose a muted pink Colourtrend colour ‘’0086 King’s Cloak’’. The teal colour is ‘’0688 Cold North’’ and the earthy lime green colour is ‘’0787 Totally Cool’’. The purple colour used is Colourtrend’s ‘’1284 Grapes of Wrath’’, a simple purple with grey undertone. For the doors, I used two different colours, ‘’Bold Collection’’, a deep blue green paint by Colourtend and ‘’Typography’’ by Dulux Signature, an indigo navy blue. For more details or to book a colour consultation, call our store today on: 066 719 0990 or email me at: 

Beautiful work Kadri! What do you think of the revamped Killarney landmark? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!