Blush Crush for Valentine’s

Now that it’s February we’re looking forward to Spring with it’s longer evenings.  The dark days of January are but a distant memory. Now that the dog days are over and we can see brighter days ahead we are crushing on blush pink.

Blush is the new black, and you don’t have to be a millennial to love it. Blush may certainly have been a big trend in 2017 but it’s going nowhere. It is still a much loved colour in 2018 and it will get ever more popular. Blush pink can do no wrong, it suits everything from your home, to your soft furnishings, from your clothes to your make-up.

…And don’t forget about a lovely glass of Rosé!


Farrow & Ball Calamine No.230 and Cole & Son Bamboo wallpaper available in our stores nationwide


It’s not just for little girls bedrooms. Blush is a shade of pink that is quite neutral, it isn’t too girly or sugary sweet so it will make everyone happy. As we’re looking in to Spring it is a perfect colour, but it’s great for creating warmth in the colder months too.  And, if you have a lot of greenery in your home it compliments them beautifully.

blush pink moodboard

Cole & Son Stars wallpaper, Colourtrend Fantastic Pink, Dulux Dusted Fondant and Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose No. 246 available in our stores nationwide


If you have a lot of white walls in your home and are afraid to add a touch of colour than blush is a great shade to add to a feature wall without being too flamboyant. We said earlier that blush was the new black but they actually work really well together to create a very chic and luxurious look. Add some gold accented furnishings for the ultimate glamourous look.

blush pink moodboard

Farrow & Ball Silvergate wallpaper, Colourtrend Fortuna, Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose No.246 and Farrow & Ball Nancy’s Blushes No. 278 available in our stores nationwide


If you don’t fancy painting a whole room blush pink why not paint some furnishings instead? This will still have a great effect on the overall look and feel of the room. You could also add some blush coloured flowers on top of your beautifully painted dresser to really bring Spring to your home. Peonies are a particular favourite of ours for this. Blush wallpaper is also a fantastic way of bringing the colour in to your home. We love prints from Farrow & Ball and Cole & Son in particular for their blush shades and patterns.

blush pink moodboard

Farrow & Ball Enigma, Broad Stripe and Blostma wallpapers and Dulux Jasmine Shimmer available in our stores nationwide


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Images sourced from Colourtrend, Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Cole & Son and Pinterest.